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“Dive Deep, Radical Balance & Core Series”

Friday May 18, 25 & June 1

5:30pm to 7:30pm

This is a special 3 part series to bring your yoga practice deeper. We will be focusing on the core and balance as well as releasing areas that hold tension.

When we balance and make connections with our core, we align our body’s center of gravity, developing concentration and co-ordination. In this workshop we will learn techniques to create equilibrium with the earth through balancing poses and making deep connections with core muscles, as well as releasing areas that hold to much tension. You will learn to become aware and conscious of subtle energy, breath and gross physical anatomy. This series will help your equilibrium, equanimity, and strengthen, your system.

Don’t miss this amazing special series!

***Must be registered by May 4 Cost 80.00 plus hst


“Dedicate, Explore & Express Workshop”

( Summer Dates TBA)