Class Descriptions

Level 1 Yoga – This class is designed for those with little or no experience.  Foundational Asanas(postures), Meditation and Breathwork is explored.  Yoga Postures are designed to integrate and benefit the whole body, and make connections to the entire body. This great class for anyone wanting to learn Yoga, you will gain strength, flexibility, mindfulness and feel the benefits immediately.

Level 2 Yoga -This Yoga class utilizes different poses called Asanas for the purpose of strengthening, opening and cleansing the body, as well as stilling the mind, Meditation, Pranayama(breath control) Yoga Philosophy is also explored. This class is for those who have moderate experience and wish to deepen their practice and bring more awareness to oneself.

All Levels Yoga -This class is designed for all levels to build strength, mobility flexibility, to still ones mind and bring better awareness to ones body.

Level 2/3 Yoga - This class is a more advanced Yoga Practice designed for those who are experienced. In this class the practitioner Refines Asanas (Postures), Pranayama (Breath Control), Meditation and a deeper contemplation of Yoga Philosophy is explored.

Gentle Yoga -This Yoga class is designed for those who wish to practice at a gentler slower pace. It is great for those who are less flexible and prefer a gentler class that includes more restorative poses as well. It is also great for those with limitations such as back problems. Unlike traditional back care exercises which isolate certain parts of the body to be strengthened, Yoga Postures are designed to integrate and benefit the whole body, therefore strengthening and reconnecting the entire body. This class is for all levels, learn how you can assist in relieving the back, create proper alignment, and better mobility for the body through this class.

Prenatal Yoga -This Yoga class is to assist moms to be with Asanas that help to strengthen, increase flexibility, improve circulation, relieve common discomforts associated with pregnancy and to relax in a nurturing environment for the duration of the pregnancy. Please call for details.

Vinyasa (Flow with alignment) Yoga – This is a flow class designed to use proper alignment while penetrating the pose. This class is all levels want to penetrate the pose and flow at the same time with the union of breath and movement.

Meditation & Restorative Yoga – This special (10 week) series is designed for those who wish to reconnect within themselves through breath, relaxing postures and meditation. In this class restorative postures will be practiced, along with breath awareness and different forms of meditation will be introduced. This is one of the most beneficial practices one can lean to completely Relax and Replenish the entire Body-Mind especially the nervous system.

Mommy & Me Yoga - Special Series (10 weeks). Mommy and me Yoga series is designed for you and your new baby to come and share a beautiful experience of connecting through Yoga. This series is best for babies before they are walking. Some of the key focuses in this series will be to deeply connect with your baby through Yoga poses, breath work, as well as for moms to help rebuild and strengthen their body after pregnancy. You will learn ways to help heal and strengthen strained muscles, open chest, strengthen shoulder girdle, pelvic floor, core and assist in recovering from post partum and fatigue. Email or call to sign up. ***This 10 week series Starts February 13 10:15 am 2019.

*Any and all participants of Niagara Falls Yoga Center must be 18 years or older and of sound mind and body to participate in classes.