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Welcome to the
Niagara Falls Yoga Center 

Cultivate your Yoga & Meditation practice with passion & dedication at Niagara Falls Yoga Center. 

 The Niagara Falls Yoga Center is located in the heart of Niagara Falls, Ontario. 7805  Lundy’s Lane between Kalar Rd and Montrose Rd. We offer a variety of classes to suit and support everyone. The Yoga Center does not have a gym like feel to it. It is a place to begin your Yoga practice or nurture your existing one, in a clean and cozy environment.

*Live Stream Class Schedule Starts April 6th (keep your practice going or start a Yoga practice now):

The Live Stream Classes are designed around the rich vast ancient Practices & Explorations of Yoga Postures, Meditation, and Pranayama(Breath work) keeping with a small intimate setting of NFYC community. Modifications will be given for each class as well as Q&A after each class. The Exquisite practice of Yoga is an Exploration of Interoception  & Introspection that leads to deeper embodiment, and connection to oneself, the benefits are endless. Value the practice Value Yourself. Please note pmts are made via etransfer, see class fee pg for cost.

Monday: 9:30am Yoga Class(gentle/level1)

Tuesday:6:30pm Yoga Class(level1\experienced)

Thursday 9:30am Yoga Class(all levels)

Saturday 9:30am Yoga Class(all levels)

Private Live Stream Sessions Available per Request



* Please note NFYC is Temporarily Closed

Dear Ones,
The Niagara Falls Yoga Center will be temporarily closed effective immediately, in order to keep everyone safe and healthy. Regular class packages will be suspended and resumed when we are open again and expiration dates postdated. Please be sure to follow NFYC on FB and Instagram or check website for information updates. This is a difficult time for everyone and remember to stay calm take sensible precautions and think healing, we are profoundly interconnected. I will keep you posted via email and social media & website. Regular active students of the Center if you have any questions at all please contact me via email or text, I would love to hear from you, I hold you in my Heart.
In the meantime I want to share a very powerful loving kindness prayer/mantra to your breath. I recommend to sit quietly and use this Prayer\Mantra numerous times daily to ease anxiety, fear and calm the nervous system, inhaling and exhaling these words :
“May I be happy, may I be safe, may I be healthy, May my family be happy, may they be safe, may they be healthy, may the people in my community be happy, may they be safe, may they be healthy.”
It is with deep Love, Gratitude, Peace and Compassion for all of you that I send out this email. I will keep in touch via email later this week.

May you be filled with Love, deep Peace and Health